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Nebraska Society of Fire Service Instructors

Nebraska Society of Fire Service Instructors annual meeting:

February 3rd at 1 pm at Kearney Fire Station 1


The Officers and Directors of the Nebraska Society of Fire Service Instructors regrets that the 2018 Les Lukert Winter Conference has been canceled. There have some issues with the transition in new officers and the new Officers and Directors believe it would be a poor business decision to hold a conference without full knowledge of the financial status of the organization. 
Please accept our apology for cancelling at such a late date. We are hoping that we will be able to have the conference again in 2019. Please stay tuned for more information.
We are currently setting a date for the annual meeting which is required in our Constitution and By-Laws. We will post that information on the NSFSI Facebook page as soon as we have that date set.
Thank you for your on-going support of the Nebraska Society of Fire Service Instructors.


 The Nebraska Society of Fire Service Instructors (NSFSI) is dedicated to excellence in the training of Emergency
 Response Personnel.  Our emphasis is placed on the development of the emergency response instructor or training officer. 
 Our annual conference, The Les Lukert Winter Conference, provides participants the opportunity to participate in development,
 which will lead to uniform professional standards for Emergency Response Instructors and Training Officers. 


The Society shall assist in the development and continuous upgrading of these personnel as well as promoting the importance
 of the role of instructors and/or training officers in the total emergency response organization.  

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